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Конспект к уроку.


ФИО учителя (полностью) – Будина Екатерина Алексеевна

Квалификационная категория - высшая

№ ОУ - 157

Дата проведения – 20.10.2017

Класс обучающихся – 10а

Количество обучающихся - 12

Тема урока: «Использование обучающих электронных ресурсов при введении новых ЛЕ и развитии навыков говорения по теме «Компьютерные технологии»»

Цель урока:

1) Систематизация предметных знаний, умений, навыков, универсальных учебных действий.


2) Развитие логического и критического мышления.

3) Развитие лексических и речевых навыков обучающихся.


Этап урока (время)

Речь учителя

Речь обучающихся

  1. Вызов:


(5 мин.)



Активизация навыков говорения

Hello, guys, it's nice to see you again! Sit down, please.

To begin with, I’d like you to look at this picture (на электронной доске) and tell me what feelings it brings about. Describe it, please.

Now compare the picture with the classroom you’re in. What has changed over the years?

Yes, nowadays it’s impossible to imagine the process of studying without the use of computers. How do we use computer technologies for studying?


What else do you use computer technologies for?



Look at the pictures on page 49 in you SB’s. Which of these websites do you visit regularly? What do you do there?




Describe the picture.


Modern technologies, e.g. computers, electronic whiteboards, have appeared.


We look for all sorts of information on the Internet, make presentation, write emails to teachers, check our marks in the electronic journal.

To chat in social networks, download music, watch films online, write personal blogs, etc.


(Students’ own answers).

2.Осмысление новой информации.

(33 мин.)



Now, as you are that experienced computer users, it probably won’t be so difficult for you to complete the chart in ex. 2 using the given words.do it on your own, them check in pairs.

Let’s check it now. (checks the answers, corrects if necessary)

Now we’ll listen to five people using computer technologies. You need to describe what they’re doing using phrases from ex.2.

(Checks the answers).

Some of the verbs in ex.4 look unfamiliar; however, it’s not difficult to guess their meaning from the context. First, try to do it on your own, then check your answers with the partner.

(Checks the answers).

Ok, divide into 3 groups to do ex.6. You need to give instruction on how to do some common activities involving modern technologies. Don’t forget to use words from ex,2 and 4. Look at the example, it’ll help you.

(Divides students into 3 groups, gives each group a particular task).

(Checks the answers).

Now that you know the meaning of our new words and have practiced using them, I’d like you to close your book and train your visual memory. Look at the whiteboard, write down these words without spelling mistakes.

Let’s check now. S1, come to the whiteboard and correct all spelling mistakes.

(Checks the answers).

(OR: Ok. Let’s see if you have managed to remember our new words. Do ex.3 on the whiteboard).

Do you agree that using computer technologies may have many benefits? Why?

Do computer technologies have any drawbacks?


I’m going to show you a video, in which British people answer the question if they are technology addicts or technophobes. Write down their reasons, please.

So, why can people get addicted to modern technologies?

Why can they be afraid of using them?



(Do the task).



(Check the answers).



(Do the task).




(Do the task).







(Do the task in groups, announce their answers).




(Do the task).


(S1 corrects the mistakes, other students (dis)agree with him / her).


(Do the task).



It’s easier to do various kinds of tasks, store information and sort it out, etc.

Yes, you might become addicted, they can distract you from studying, etc.




(Do the task and give their answers).

Активизация лексических навыков

Активизация навыков аудирования

Расширение лексических навыков

Активизация навыков говорения

Расширение лексических навыков (орфография)









Активизация навыков аудирования и говорения.


(6 мин.)








Now it’s up to you to decide if computer technologies have more pluses than minuses and if they will be used in the future. We’ve talked about the classroom of the past, you can see our modern classroom. What about the classroom of the future? What will it be like? What will students do there? Divide in 2 teams and discuss the questions together.

Ok, what’s your point of view?

(Listens to the answers, corrects the mistakes).







(Do the task in teams and give their answers).


4. Домашнее задание

(1 мин.)

I do hope computer technologies, which, as we can see, are nowhere to hide, will help you do your homework – all the exercises on page 39 in WB.

Thank you for the lesson. 

Write down their home task.




Thank you! Goodbye!


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