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Конспект к уроку


ФИО учителя (полностью) – Гузик Юлия Васильевна

Квалификационная категория - высшая

№ ОУ - 157

Дата проведения – 20.10.2017

Класс обучающихся – 11а

Количество обучающихся - 14

Тема урока: Активизация навыков чтения с использованием электронных ресурсов (QR) при работе с текстовым материалом формата ЕГЭ

Цель урока:

1)  Активизация предметных знаний, умений, навыков, универсальных учебных действий.


2) Развитие логического и критического и интегративного мышления.

3) Развитие лексических и речевых навыков обучающихся.


Этап урока

Речь учителя

Речь обучающихся

  1. Вызов:







Активизация навыков говорения

Morning! I’m glad to see you all again!

To begin with, I’d like you to look at this picture  (Wondering)what is the attractive geometric design on board?

How smart you are! But I’m not as familiar as you are. Does anybody know wat does so-called QR mean?

Quick Response codes

 Of course if you live in Japan, you probably have QR codes for breakfast. Literally.


What are QR codes?




 Where can you find QR codes?





How do you read QR codes?

And you need a piece of software called a QR reader

Download a free QR reader to your mobile phone.     



It’s QR code


No ideas




They are apparently ubiquitous, from breakfast cereal boxes to bus stops. 

They are probably those barcodes we see on supermarket products.

It’s information encoded in a two-dimensional graphic

 A code may include a website link

A QR code might contain nutritional information on a food box

It can contain travel information at the bus stop

We need a mobile phone with a camera

We can find it at app-store и google-play



2.Осмысление новой информации.




Раздаточный материал  распечатки разных QR кодов - картинки

If your phone is scanning the code correctly, you will then see a link. Click this link What can you see? Where is it?

Новые коды с текстами из задания формата ЕГЭ

Now, as you are that experienced computer users, it probably won’t be so difficult for you to  decode the information

Let’s check it now. (checks the answers, corrects if necessary)

Now we can decode other images. Send me an e-mail with the picture in order everybody can see it  You need to describe what they’re doing, what is happening

Help your mates, give your ideas

(Checks the answers).






Do the task.





Do the matching task




(Do the task).



Do the task in groups, announce their answers








Активизация навыков чтения






Активизация навыков говорения (описание картинок)











In short, a QR code is placed on a physical object. Now it’s up to you to decide if  you need them in your every day life

(Listens to the answers, corrects the mistakes).



A code can be included on my business card, e.g. to include a direct link to my online CV.

I can then access specific information, or online resources, connected to the object

It may contain further references, or links to resources such as an online video.

The QR code system has become popular I can use it in museums!

Do the task and give their answers


4. Домашнее задание


I  hope  a new piece of software called a QR reader will help you to do your home task

На доске листок с новым QR кодом, содержащим в себе текст с заданием формата ЕГЭ


Thank you for the lesson. 

Копируют код на телефоны.




Thank you!


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